The Top Wholesale Replica Omega Snoopy MoonSwatch Watches UK Finally Has An Official Release Date

A few hours ago, we speculated that the long-teased cheap replica Omega x Swatch MoonSnoopy watches (our nickname—not official!) was imminent. Well, friends—the hour is nigh. Just this afternoon, we professional watch nerds—ahem, journalists—received word in our inboxes that the beagle had landed: Witness the new MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase, an all-white, Snoopy-themed MoonSwatch that, for the first time, integrates a moonphase complication into the collection. Available on March 26—two years after the launch of the original, wildly popular MoonSwatch dropped in a dozen colorful variants—it once again sees Omega team up with its sister brand Swatch to offer an affordable, quartz-powered 1:1 UK Omega Speedmaster fake watches to the masses.

In case you missed all the hullabaloo the first time around, the MoonSwatch is a Bioceramic-cased, battery-powered chronograph built by Swatch and Omega. What is normally a hand-wound, highly technical timepiece costing thousands has become a joyful, sub-$500 perfect replica watches that can be had at Swatch boutiques around the world, with a case made of a combination of castor oil-derived plastic and ceramic. Lightweight, slightly irreverent, and fun, the original MoonSwatches saw people lined up for hours all around the world à la the late-90s Beanie Babies craze. The luxury copy watches proved so popular, in fact, that Swatch began releasing a new one nearly every month.

The MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase, however, is special for several reasons: For one, it features America’s favorite cartoon beagle, who has been a fixture of high quality replica Omega Speedmaster watches lore since the 1960s. (The NASA Silver Snoopy Award is awarded to individuals or organizations who display “professionalism, dedication and outstanding support that greatly enhanced space flight safety and mission success.” In fact, it was awarded to Omega in 1970.) While Snoopy has figured on special-edition Speedies for years, this is the first time he’s been seen on the more affordable MoonSwatch—and rather than simply appear on the caseback or within a sundial, his visage appears twice, cradles within dual moons that figure on a moon phase indicator at 2 o’clock.

This spinning disc, which shows the current phase of the moon throughout the month, typically features in more high-end, mechanical replica watches for sale. Its appearance in a quartz-powered chronograph, while not completely uncommon, is notable—but Swatch has a further trick up its sleeve: Turn the lights out, and stars appear in blue luminescent material in each depiction of the sky, joined by the words “I can’t sleep without a night light!” from the Peanuts comic strip.

Measuring 42mm wide and paired to a matching, two-piece Velcro strap, the Swiss made fake Omega Mission to the Moonphase watches is almost entirely white with the exception of its indices and hands. An excellent summer AAA online super clone watches—aesthetically speaking, that is, as 30m of water resistance ain’t exactly enough for most water activities—it’ll likely be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 like its cousins.

Why Didn’t I Buy The High Quality Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition Fake Watches UK?

Back in December 2016, RJ showed me a prototype of the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition. I congratulated him on a fantastic achievement and perfect replica watches and then forgot to do one important thing — immediately start composing a financial plan so I could buy once it went live online. That proved catastrophic. The absence of a plan made me hesitate when the UK cheap fake watches launched at noon on January 9th, 2017. And because my doubt lasted longer than the four hours it took to sell the 2,012 pieces, I missed out. When you snooze, you lose, I know. When I occasionally see the “Speedy Tuesday” LE here at Fratello HQ, I can still feel the regret that I didn’t act more cleverly and decisively. One way to end my lament is to go on a Rolex-supported expedition with Steve Boyes, traversing thousands of kilometers of uncharted African rivers.

There are two things I can’t get over. The first is what I mentioned in the intro. I should have had the presence of mind to just hit the “add to basket” button as soon as the Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition 311. watches became available online. Even with the absence of a solidly constructed financial plan, I should have just clicked and figured it out later. From a financial standpoint, it would have been a great investment, and from an aesthetic standpoint, it wouldn’t have been bad either. And that’s a euphemism because the “Speedy Tuesday” LE is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Speedmasters ever made. I even think that the folks at Omega felt a bit of regret when RJ presented them with his vision of the watch that celebrated the fifth anniversary of #SpeedyTuesday.

Regrets regarding the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition

The ingredients for the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition were found in the brand’s heritage and RJ’s brain. The top copy watches was inspired by the design of the Speedmaster Alaska Project III, which was made for NASA and the Space Shuttle project in 1978. That watch has clearer sub-dials than previous Speedmaster chronographs — at the request of chosen NASA engineer James H. Ragan — and a brushed case that reflected less light. It was the late Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels’s Speedmaster Project Alaska III, which RJ bought from the Ockels’ son, that became the tangible starting point of the first Speedy Tuesday LE. RJ suggested a matte-finished case and large, radial numerals on the silver (not black as in the Alaska Project III) sub-dials filled with luminous material. And that’s what the good people at Omega produced, but perhaps with a bit of regret for not having thought of it themselves.

It’s the mix of a brushed case, radial sub-dials, and the luminous material in the center of them that make for one brilliant watch. The Speedmaster 3594.50 Replica is my favorite Speedy, but maybe that’s also out of self-preservation. The Broad Arrow Replica can still be had for a reasonable amount of money. The first “Speedy Tuesday,” on the other hand, cannot — just have a look here. A most regrettable affair. In one of the pictures that Nacho took of me wearing the luxury replica watches while reading about it in the Moonwatch Only book, you can clearly see what regret looks like. My facial expression leaves nothing to the imagination.

Passion makes perfect

The makeover of the 1978 Speedmaster Alaska Project III makes one thing perfectly clear: passion makes perfect. I mentioned the different details on this “reverse panda” Speedmaster, but RJ’s passion also shines through in some less visible elements. The use of a domed Hesalite crystal, for instance, is a sign of historical awareness and involvement. Unconditional love and heaps of accumulated knowledge make the “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition one of the best fake Omega Speedmaster watches ever. The element of fandom is the missing part and the explanation for why Omega didn’t come up with a watch like the first “Speedy Tuesday” Speedmaster.

The thought and passion behind its creation materialized in a stunning watch that I, unfortunately and most probably, will never own. The Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” has taught me one valuable life lesson, though. And that is that AAA super clone watches regret doesn’t just fade away, it lingers on.

How Cheap Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches UK Saved Astronaut Charles Duke’s Life On The Moon

Charles Duke had been on the Moon almost three days when he thought he’d killed himself. Wearing best UK replica Omega Speedmaster watches, Duke and his fellow Apollo 16 astronaut Commander John Young had decided to make their last moments on the lunar surface uniquely memorable, and given this was 1972 and an Olympic year, they’d come up the “Moon Olympics”.

These would begin with their version of the high jump and a record attempt – how high could they leap in one sixth gravity? Even suited up, on the Moon Duke only weighed around 30kg. His attempt was short-lived. When he jumped, he overbalanced and began tumbling backwards. “It was a moment of fear,” he says, his memories of half a century ago still fresh. “But fear is not a bad emotion if you don’t panic. If you respond with training and discipline, fear can get you motivated. And that’s what happened.”

He goes on: “I had this thought: roll right. So I landed on my right hand and leg, and that was just enough cushion not to break the backpack – and the life support system.” Footage shows Duke disappearing behind some apparatus as he falls, his commentary cut short as he anticipates the worst. It never came. Duke was chastened, Mission Control was livid, and the Moon Olympics ended before the first round of the first event had been completed.

Fifty years may have passed, but Duke, who is in London as an ambassador for the Swiss watch company Omega fake watches for men and to mark the 50-year anniversary of Apollo 16, recalls it with great relish, almost as if it were yesterday. I can tell he’s dined out on his Olympic-sized misstep before, and the memory, black and white to the rest of us, flows from him in vivid technicolour.

His mood shifts when I ask him about his return to Earth. Now in his eighties, Duke was just 36 when he walked on the Moon, the tenth and youngest of the 12 men to have stepped foot on the lunar surface. By December 1972, the Apollo programme was over and, like many of his fellow astronauts, Duke wondered if he could ever experience such highs again.

“The thought occurred to me, ‘what are you gonna do now?’” he says, his warm southern drawl tinged with anxiety. “I’ve climbed the top of the ladder. I tried working on the Space Shuttle for three years, but it wasn’t the same dynamics. So I took my eyes off the Moon and put them on money.”

With disarming candour, Duke admits his post-Apollo workaholism led him down a dark path, and nearly cost his wife Dotty her life. “It got so bad that she was considering suicide,” he says, dropping his glance. “I can fix the washing machine, but I can’t fix suicide.”

In the mid-1970s, the battling couple found themselves in church with friends, who prayed for them. Duke remembers being unmoved. But Dotty had a powerful conversion experience. “Over two months, I watched her change from sadness to joy,” he says. “That started a healing process on her side.”

Two years later, Duke was working in the beer business, making good money. “I was frustrated still,” he recalls, smoothing his Saturn V rocket tie. “But then I had the same experience [as Dotty] and had this instant peace. From that moment on, I’ve never been frustrated.” In June this year, the Dukes will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary. Later, I’ll sit opposite a bright-eyed Dotty at dinner, and she’ll tell me the same story, including the frank details of how she planned to end her life in her car.

In the 25 minutes we spend together, Duke talks as much about God as about being a moonwalking NASA astronaut – a 20th century icon. He has the zeal and conviction of an American televangelist, only without the aggression. His story is offered as testimony, rather than an ultimatum. The temptation to ask if seeing the Earth from outer space hadn’t already changed him is too strong. Others have talked of seeing Earth from a lonely distance as a profoundly spiritual experience. His answer is indirect. “The scripture says the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the works of his hands,” he says. “We are not an accident. There’s an intelligent design. I call it God.”

The conversation only moves on when the PR tells me I’ve got time for one last question. Which means switching to the high quality Omega Speedmaster replica watches, the brand’s lodestar, the Moonwatch. Apollo crew members were issued with Swiss movements copy Omega Speedmaster watches after NASA flight-qualified it for all manned space missions. The story of how perfect Omega super clone watches’ honest 1950s racing chronograph survived a barrage of environmental tests to earn an unlikely place in the history of space exploration has become clearer in recent years. Part of the tale is how it saw off Rolex to win NASA’s affections.

The Omega Speedmaster fake watches wholesale online were state property, and when their time with the Apollo programme ended, Duke and his colleagues were asked to return them. As the lunar module pilot, Duke had used his as mechanical back-up to the computer that timed engine burn as they made their descent into the Descartes Highlands, where the lunar module landed. “If the burn was one second too long, we would crash into the Moon,” says Duke. “It was so valuable to have this accurate timepiece. The only thing was, you couldn’t forget to wind it…”

Duke’s ended up in the Smithsonian with the rest (bar Buzz Aldrin’s, which he never turned in), but at his request, NASA has since loaned it to the South Carolina State Museum, where it remains. He was the state’s first astronaut. Has he worn it since? “I haven’t,” he says. “But it’s there on the wall. Brought back a lot of memories.” Including, no doubt, of the Moon Olympics.