Ed Sheeran’s Latest Watch Flex? The $260 UK Top Fake Omega MoonSwatch Watches

Scoping celebrities’ wrists often means the chance to see some of the wildest, most expensive 1:1 best replica watches in the world actually being worn. We’re talking the likes of Jay-Z flexing with the impossibly rare and expensive Tiffany x Patek Nautilus. Or John Mayer and his vintage Rolexes. But even a $260 plastic Swatch can be a flex.

Because that’s what musician Ed Sheeran was sporting in a video he recently sent to offer encouragement to an Australian boy battling cancer.

Now, that might seem odd, since Ed Sheeran is known to casually wear million-dollar-plus AAA UK fake watches from Patek Philippe to Richard Mille. But the watch he wore in the video wasn’t just any $260 plastic Swatch — it was the internet-breaking MoonSwatch. These are relatively affordable high quality replica watches, but when they were announced last month they caused such a stir that Swatch store were swamped, the watches immediately sold out, and scarcity led to even more hype, chatter and inflated second-hand prices.

Swatch says that the MoonSwatch isn’t technically limited and that it’ll be available again — eventually, and possibly even online. For now, though, you’re looking at a hot commodity that you simply can’t buy unless you’re willing to pay multiples of its retail price. If you must have one, we suggest simply waiting.

It’s fair to say, however, that Mr. Sheeran isn’t just flexing with the copy watches for sale you can’t have, but is a bonafide watch nut that likely appreciates the many levels on which the MoonSwatch is interesting and ironic. It’s fun as affordable Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster watches homage with the Omega name actually on the dial — and as the type of collaboration you don’t often see in the watch industry. It’s also controversial for putting the prestigious Omega name on a low-end product (and for some variants reportedly staining customers’ wrists).

Specifically, Sheeran chose the version called “Mission to the Moon” which, among the 11 variants, most resembles the iconic perfect super clone Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches. The MoonSwatch is essentially a toy Speedmaster…but it’s got the stamp of approval from even the most legit and hardcore collectors like Sheeran.

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