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Money is no object #2 — perfect fake IWC Porsche Design Titan Chronograph ref. 3700

I did not expect the Swiss made replica IWC Porsche Design Titan Chronograph ref. 3700 to be affordable, to be honest. As it is the world’s first full titanium watch, you would think it cost a pretty penny. But as it turns out, its a completely different story, as we will find out later. But let’s start at the beginning. IWC replica was not the first brand to use a titanium case for a watch. That honor goes to Citizen, who introduced the X-8 Chronometer with a titanium case in 1970. It took another full decade before Ferdinand A. Porsche set his mind to creating the first full titanium watch in partnership with best UK sale fake IWC. The partnership between Porsche Design and IWC replica started in 1977 after Porsche had said goodbye to Orfina as their partner for perfect replica watches UK.

The first result of the partnership came in the form of the famous Porsche Design by practical fake IWC ref. 3150 compass watch. It’s a strange watch made off anodized aluminum that features a case made of two parts. The upper part features a watch module, and by flipping up the upper part of the case, the compass in the lower part exposes itself. The second ambitious project that Ferdinand A. Porsche came up with was to create a full titanium watch. After many prototypes, the first best fake IWC Porsche Design Titan Chronograph ref. 3700 was released in 1980. Over time IWC replica also used ref. 3702 and ref. 3704 for the same watch that was in production until 1996–1997 when the partnership ended.

Creating great relevance

The watch was introduced in 36mm and 42mm, with the latter being the most interesting for most people nowadays considering its bigger size. So let’s go with that one. The watch features a unique 42mm titanium case with fully integrated pushers to operate the chronograph. As a result, the case does not look like a typical chronograph, and the case lines flow seamlessly into the integrated bracelet. As you can see, Porsche Design and practical replica IWC were proud of the use of titanium, engraving “TITAN” on the case. A detail that would be removed for the later generation ref. 3704 from the 1990s that Tomas wrote about.

The watch is also a great exercise in co-branding. The prototypes (see pictured) and first commercially released models released didn’t actually have Porsche Design on the dial. Later models feature various options, from IWC International Watch Company Schaffhausen above the date window and Porsche Design with the “PD” logo underneath to “Porsche Design by IWC” in the 1990s. Inside the case, you will find the IWC Caliber 790, essentially a renamed version of the trusted automatic Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. AAA high-quality replica watches also introduced a new bracelet for the watch with the introduction of the ref. 3702 in 1987. So if you are in the market for one of these iconic titanium chronographs, you should definitely do your homework. If you do, this amazing timepiece can be yours between €2K–€4K. That is a stunningly affordable price.

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